2 Weeks suggestion of Sailing Experience in Ionian

Explore, learn & experience the wonders of Ionian in just two weeks as you cover 177 miles through heavenly vibes of the iconic clear waters and beautiful bays!! Your sailing experience in Ionian Sea is going to be as unique as you wish to be. Get your morning greetings at a new place every time as you catch unique vibes at some beautiful destinations during your sailing adventure in Ionian with departure port the easily accessible port of Lefkas.

Home to some of the stunning beaches in Greece, this place offers you incredible experiences with white sandy beaches, azure seas, ancient monasteries, serene villages, oak-dappled mountains and amazing outdoor adventures during your 2-weeks sailing experience. Make unforgettable memories and spend two-week’ worth your time and joy among some best destinations to visit during your sailing experience in Ionia Sea.

From the crystal-clear waters to the charming bays, the Ionian offers a rich tapestry of experiences waiting to be discovered. Whether you seek the tranquility of secluded coves or the vibrant atmosphere of lively harbors, your Ionian sailing adventure promises to be a journey filled with memories that will last a lifetime. So, set sail from Lefkas and let the Ionian Sea unveil its wonders as you navigate its azure waters on your own terms. Yacht Charter Greece for an unparalleled and personalized exploration of the heavenly Ionian landscapes.

Lefkas, your starting point is among the famous Greek islands which blend natural beauty and tourist facilities while staying truly untouched. Sit back in your yacht as you feel the breeze all over you and indulge in some deep serenity of beautiful views ranging from lush green hills to crystal waters, white rocks to traditional villages, all in all, this place is a must-visit for everyone.


Day 1: Lefkas Marina Check-in at 17:00

Day 2: Lefkas - Meganissi Spartochori (10 nm)

Day 3: Meganissi Spartochori – Sivota Lefkas (6 nm)

Day 4: Sivota Lefkas– Porto Katsiki Lefkas (12 nm)

Day 5: Porto Katsiki Lefkas - Fiskardo, Kefalonia (9 nm)

Day 6: Fiskardo, Kefalonia – Agia Eythimia Kefalonia (11 nm)

Day 7: Agia Eythimia Kefalonia - Sami Kefalonia Lake Kefalonia (4 nm)

Day 8: Sami Kefalonia- Poros Kefalonia (12 nm)

Day 9: Poros Kefalonia- Navagio Beach (Zante)(22 nm)

Day 10: Navagio Beach (Zante)- Blue caves Zakynthos (Zante)(8 nm)

Day 11: Blue caves Zakynthos - Agios Nikolaos Zakynthos (Zante) (2 nm)

Day 12: Agios Nikolaos Zakynthos - Vathy Ithaka (35 nm)

Day 13: Vathy Ithaka - Kioni, Ithaka (6 nm)

Day 14: Kioni Ithaka - Kastos Port (14 nm)

Day 15: Kastos Port Fokotrypa beach Kastos - (0.5 nm)

Day 16: Fokotrypa beach Kastos – Nydri Lefkas (18 nm)

Day 17: Nydri Lefkas - Lefkas Marina Check-out at 09:00(8 nm)

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Day 1: Lefkas Marina Check-in at 17:00

Begin your sailing journey from the fourth largest of the Ionian Islands, in Lefkas which is famous for the extraordinarily beautiful beaches. The location of Lefkas Marina gives sail enthusiasts a great advantage as it's only 50 meters away from the mainland, accessible via a floating bridge, thus giving you easy access from the airport of Aktio or from Athens 357 km away in less than 4 hours’ drive via a modern highway and crossing the astonishing bridge of Rio Antirio.

Situated on the eastern side of the island, Lefkas Marina embraces the irresistible prefecture’s capital town. With its outstanding services since 2000, the Marina gives visitors a chance to enjoy everything in one place. Visit car rental and motorbikes office, shopping center and a variety of restaurants where you drink and dine as you roam around this amazing all-inclusive destination.

For those embarking on sailing adventures, Lefkas Marina serves as the perfect starting point, offering a comprehensive range of boat services to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience. From the port police office to laundry facilities and provisioning services, the marina provides everything you need for the perfect kickstart to your sailing journey. As you prepare to set sail and explore the enchanting waters surrounding Lefkas, consider the convenience of Rent a Yacht. This option not only enhances your freedom to explore the beautiful coastline at your own pace but also adds a touch of luxury to your maritime experience. Yacht Charter Greece, and let Lefkas Marina be the gateway to your unforgettable sailing adventure in the mesmerizing Ionian Sea.

Your preparation for sailing experiences begins here with a wide range of boat services. From port police office, a laundry, provisioning etc , Lefkas Marina provides everything to give you the perfect kickstart.

2. Lefkas - Meganissi Spartochori

Distance traveled - 10 nm

There’s no better way to start your sailing adventure than being greeted by the gentle winds of Spartochori in Meganisi island. This village-like destination presents some untouched stone-built cottages and traditional taverns making the view extremely stunning. Indulge in an irresistible combination of a high-cliff village with a deep blue bay creating a panoramic view. Stroll through the maze of charming narrow streets in Vathi with an array of shops, taverns, cafés & bars making this village truly picturesque.

Trek through the lush green pine forests to the hill and witness the whole scenery made with whitewashed houses and potted plants in crystal yards; indeed - one of it’s kind experiences. Spot a large variety of flowers in this small village where locally produced agricultural products are served in delicious cuisines of taverns. Don’t forget to give the freshly caught fish from the bay a try because everything in Meganisi’s villages Spartochori and Vathi is a symbol of freshness.

3. Meganissi Spartochori – Sιvota Lefkas

Distance traveled - 6 nm

Only 6 miles away from Meganisi Spartochori, your next destination Sivota will give you real Greece feels. A Blue crystalline bay located among the verdant hills and lush green forests, Sivota is among the most visited bays on the southern coast of Lefkada. This beautiful bay in Lefkas overlooks the Ionian Sea.

Arrive at the lovely port of this village and find a safe shelter for your yacht from where you can head to the main beach. Find your preferred anchorage and enjoy the taverns, cafes and souvenir stores around this place. Peaceful during the day and liveliest at night, Sivota offers ideal adventures for all. The white sands at beaches and the gorgeous crystal waters make some breathtaking views to enjoy throughout your journey here.

4. Sivota Lefkas– Porto Katsiki Lefkas

Distance traveled - 12 nm

Porto Katsiki Lefkas is the main beach attraction in Lefkas island. Close to Athani village, this beach was once reached in the old times only by goats due to the very difficult means of access other than boats, thus giving it the name Katsiki which means “the goat port” in English. Home to some impressive themes made with white rocks and clear blue sea, this beach becomes a must-visit destination for thousands of visitors in Lefkada every year.

Porto Katsiki is a natural piece of art endowed by nature with lush vegetation and impressive geological formations that you can never miss upon. The sandy beach covered with sunbeds and umbrellas gives you much comfort but for some private relaxation, you can head to the cliffs to find beautiful shaded spots.

Dive in the clear turquoise waters and take the joyful memories of underwater adventures with you. Porto Katsiki in Lefkada Island is undoubtedly an impressive location awarded Blue Flag Beach every year which makes it one of the credible must-visit destinations for a unique sailing experience.

5. Porto Katsiki Lefkas - Fiskardo, Kefalonia

Distance traveled - 9 nm

Sail through the Ionian Sea from Porto Katsiki to Fiscardo in Kefalonia and embrace the experience of visiting a unique Greek Island. What makes Fiskardo special is that this place retains the original Venetian architecture. The history of the earthquake of 1953 featured in the film Captain Corelli’s Mandolin says a lot about the destruction done to many parts of the Island which makes it a famous spot to visit in Kefalonia. On the main coastal road find plenty of shops, taverns and bars around this place.

The natural harbor attracts tourists traveling in yachts, making it a place of luxury boats lined on the waterfront. Fiskardo is heaven for those who look for constant hustle in a posh environment and amazing nightlife. This cosmopolitan and busy place is full of life. Fiskardo offers several relaxing spots with great views uniquely made for wellness and peaceful moments among pine, cedar, and lavender plants. Take a quick dip at nearby beaches at the end of a hot day. Consider enhancing your experience by opting to Yacht Charter Greece, allowing you to explore the charm of Fiskardo and its surroundings with the luxury and freedom that a private yacht affords.

6. Fiskardo, Kefalonia – Agia Eythimia Kefalonia

Distance traveled - 11 nm

As you continue your sailing journey, the next stop Agia Efthimia in Kefalonia at a distance of 11 miles from Fiskardo, is a seaside village famous for its historical charm, hiking and sailing adventures, serene beaches, spa services, and plenty of irresistible activities. Hop on your boat and explore secluded beaches and coves to find ultimate peace. You will find some dive clubs in Agia Efimia offering courses and diving tours to many diving sites around. Waterfront villas and spa resorts can be your top getaways during your sailing experience in Lefkas. So, relax on your vacation and avail some aromatherapy, hot stone and body massages, facials, Jacuzzi treatments and much more offered in a private setting.

Your other thrilling adventures at Agia Efthimia include exploring the countryside on scooters offered by the rental companies here, offering you a cost-effective way to enjoy a vacation like never before. Get ready because this place welcomes adventure lovers with open arms.

7. Agia Eythimia Kefalonia - Sami Kefalonia Lake Kefalonia

Distance traveled - 4 nm

Experience the well-known ideal destination for summer in Greece, boasting a delightful waterfront and paved streets surrounded by Venetian buildings. Located among the verdurous imposing hills and charming coves, Sami is a beautiful coastal town, just 4 nautical miles (25.8 km) away from the capital of Kefalonia - Argostoli. The second largest port of Kefalonia, Sami is home to 2000 inhabitants engaged in agricultural and fishing activities. Explore the rich heritage of the island coupled with modern amenities like shops and pleasant cafes in Sami.

As you reach this place, you will see tourists diving and swimming in the green waters of Kefalonia. Cherish the sights of beautiful Melissani underground lake where you can have a boat tour inside the impressive lake, an archaeological museum loaded with artifacts, and some beaches showing charm in their ways. A small white stone beach and turquoise sea surrounded by pine trees is a treat to the eyes.

8. Sami Kefalonia- Poros Kefalonia

Distance traveled - 12 nm

Poros is your next attraction for your sailing adventure, only 12 nautical miles away. Dense and verdurous vegetation and the location amidst the crystal blue sea and the lush green forest is what makes Poros a refreshment during summers and a memorable place to experience during your sailing journey. This attractive coastal settlement located 40km southwest of Argostoli, the capital town, boasts the picturesque port serving an excellent itinerary to Patra and Killini. You can explore the traditional layout as well as some amazing cafes and taverns overlooking the waterfront.

During your stay at Poros, Kefalonia, your must-see destination should be the impressive Drakena Cave with 7500 years archaeological findings, the canyon of Poros where river Vohyna passes, and the fantastic Atrou monastery with its medieval buildings since the 8th century AD, which is located uphill 760 meters above sea level and attracts tourists from different locations every year. To make your exploration of these captivating sites even more enjoyable and convenient, consider the option to Yacht Charter Greece. Renting a yacht allows you the freedom to seamlessly navigate between these incredible destinations and experience the beauty of Kefalonia from a unique and luxurious perspective.

Find the small multicolored pebbles as you stroll on the unspoiled and quiet beach that makes it a go-to place for couples.

9. Poros Kefalonia- Navagio Beach ( Zante or Zakynthos)

Distance traveled - 22 nm

Your sailing adventure continues with the new island destination of the jaw-dropping view of the shipwreck on the Navagio beach in Zakynthos island. This sandy little strip is remarkable for its beauty and is more famous for the remains of a smuggler’s shipwreck giving it another name “shipwreck beach”. The history of this crumbling piece goes back to 1983 when authorities caught on to this ship loaded with smuggled cigarettes and booze during bad weather.

Featured in the Korean Drama ‘Descendants of the Sun”, Navagio Beach has grabbed the attention of Korean and Chinese tourists as well as many other nationalities who became aware of this unspoiled reserved paradise.

Treat your eyes to the enchanting image of huge marble cliffs of white rock behind the shipwreck languishing on the sands which add up to your sailing wonders in Zakynthos Island.

Distance traveled - 8 nm

After a magical experience of Shipwreck Beach, here’s another wondrous place no other place can beat on Zakynthos. Discovered in 1897, Blue Caves on the island of Zakynthos is what no one wants to miss during a sailing experience. Although the island is famous for some splendid beaches, superb landscape, and mountains, fun facts say that this is an important birthing place for Caretta caretta (loggerhead) sea turtle.

The Blue Caves are stretched to a series of geological formations called the Skinari Cape, which is a hot spot for scuba diving geeks. Here, small boats stroll through limestone arches that bless you with an amazing environment.

Discover the spectacularly unique blue-colored water that is found inside the Blue Caves. The reflection of light when it reaches the water gives a heavenly blue color to anything that touches it. Your chance for pure admiration can be best used early in the morning or later in the afternoon when light is abundant. To optimize your experience of these mesmerizing Blue Caves and the enchanting play of light on the water, consider the convenience and luxury of Rent a Yacht. Renting a yacht provides you with the flexibility to schedule your visit during these optimal times, ensuring that you witness the breathtaking beauty of the Blue Caves in the most ideal lighting conditions.

Indeed, the surreal environment around the caves will make you fall in love with this place and other possible caves around this area.

11. Blue caves Zakynthos - Agios Nikolaos Zakynthos ( Zante)

Distance traveled - 2 nm

Don’t stop yet because Ionian sea sailing adventure has a lot to offer yet. Another medium-sized village Agios Nikolas, is located atop ancient remains of former residents’ homes. Indulge yourselves in the historically rich culture of this small-town. Don’t be deceived by its size because it offers a lot to experience.

The tree-lined pedestrian streets, the rocky cliffs, and a wonderful port area never disappoint the visitors. Agios Nicolas is overlooking the small gulf and gives sightseeing, strolling on beaches, and dining experiences with the amazing waterfronts. So, sit back and enjoy the blue waters.

12. Agios Nikolaos Zakynthos - Vathy Ithaka

Distance traveled - 35 nm

A traditionally preserved settlement, Vathy is the capital and main harbor of Ithaca since the 16th century, your next picturesque destination for a memorable sailing experience. Enter through the narrow neck of the harbor and see the sudden beautiful view of the gulf guarded by the remains of a small fort with two cannons.

Vathy will welcome you with the Monument to the Sailor which is a symbol of seamanship of Ithaca honoring the times of the Homeric epics - well-known King of Ithaca Odysseus and his legendary voyage. This town has a history of honoring the significant legacy of its forefathers.

At the waterfronts find an array of taverns, cafes, bars, and nightclubs where you can have the liveliness of this culturally rich town.

From a finely restored cathedral to an archaeological museum housing various findings of the Geometric and Roman period and a remarkable collection of finds dated 900–700 BC, Vathy will offer you a wide array of attractions presenting the cultural richness of this place. You are lucky if you get to experience cultural events like celebrations, concerts of Greek music, theatrical productions, and performances of local bands organized by the municipality. To enhance your exploration of the cultural treasures in Vathy and make the most of your visit, consider the option to Greece Yacht Charter. Renting a yacht not only provides you with a luxurious and comfortable means of transportation between these cultural landmarks but also allows you the flexibility to plan your itinerary and cultural experiences at your own pace.

13. Vathy Ithaka - Kioni, Ithaka

Distance traveled - 6 nm

Located in the southeast of Ithaca, Kioni is your next destination for an incredible sailing journey. Home to some unique attractions, this village offers scenery with small fishing boats mooring around the sea. This interesting village was built at the end of the 16th century by people who lived in the mountainous areas and needed access to the sea. Did you know that this place was once the base of the pirates? That’s right!

Also, you cannot miss a visit to the three deserted mills that symbolize the glorious past of Kioni, Ithaca.

The houses here show a historic touch of renaissance architectural touch along with many cafes, taverns, and restaurants to relax at. Enjoy the very lush green sceneries in Kioni Harbor as you walk along the harbor and stroll through the streets. This place is full of cafes and restaurants serving great meals and giving visitors the best relaxation possible.

14. Kioni Ithaka - Kastos Port

Distance traveled - 14 nm

On the small island of the Ionian Sea, located southeast of Lefkada, you can step your foot on the smallest inhabitable islet of the Ionian Islands with only thirty inhabitants to live permanently all and all. Even though Kastos is a remote island, summertime is very popular among many yacht owners who sail to the picturesque small port of the island to find the heartwarming greetings by the friendly locals and feel the magic of total isolation and calmness.

Still, in summer, a visitor can find a good number of coffee shops and taverns where a very nice meal and beverages can be served.

15. Kastos Port Fokotrypa beach Kastos

Distance traveled - 0.5 nm

Located near the picturesque main port, Fokotrypa Beach in Kastos might give you a reason why you love Greece. Due to the irresistibly beautiful water, this beach is also named “crystal waters''. The beautiful seascapes and the glorious view is what you will explore as you sail through the Ionian sea. Lie down and relax on the smooth sand or take a dive into the sea, Fokotrypa beach will add up to the relaxation dose during your sailing journey. To elevate your experience and seamlessly reach such idyllic spots, consider the option to Greece Yacht Charter. Renting a yacht not only allows you to enjoy the stunning views and crystal-clear waters of Fokotrypa Beach from the sea but also adds a touch of luxury and convenience to your Ionian sailing adventure.

The isolated location of the beach and pebbly theme makes it outstanding among the beaches you will explore during your journey.

16. Fokotrypa Beach Kastos - Nydri Lefkas

Distance traveled - 18 nm

Here comes one of the busiest tourist destinations that you get to explore during a sailing vacation in the Ionian Sea. At first, you might find the settlement not so architect-designed, but many visitors come back to this place for a reason; the friendly locals. The numerous bars here are owned by excellent people who respect visitors and work hard to serve the best. Nydri is where you find heartwarming greetings.

The locations vary from forested mountains to well-known tourist attraction of Nydri waterfalls, beach life to crystal waters are all worth a visit.

Don’t forget to explore the long stretch of pebbly shoreline where the water is shallow and blue. You can have access to everything easily and it will only take you 20 minutes to walk through the town from one end to another.

The long harbor road is full of life, and this place boasts some authentic Greek taverns that everyone wants to visit. Indulge in the beauty of Nydri Waterfall here and cherish the beautiful location sheltered by an amphitheater of hills and mountains from the west.

Nydri Lefkas is where you culminate the sailing journey with unforgettable memories and a souvenir of never-before destinations in Lefkas.

17. Nidri Lefkada → Lefkas Marina Check-out at 09:00

Distance traveled - 8 nm

From Nydri, within a distance of 8 miles, you reach back to where you began your sailing adventure; Nidri Lefkas Marina. An end to a sailing adventure will leave you with a memorable journey that you wish to experience over and over in your life. To ensure that your future sailing adventures are just as exceptional, consider the option to Rent a Yacht. Renting a yacht not only provides you with the freedom to explore new destinations but also allows you to relive the joy and excitement of your initial sailing experience.

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