Buckle up your life jackets and join us for a sensational 6-day sailing escapade in the mesmerizing Saronic Gulf, Greece. We've meticulously charted a course that seamlessly blends the thrill of the open sea with the irresistible charm of quaint island life.

Feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face as you unfurl those sails and embark on a journey filled with breathtaking landscapes and maritime wonders. Elevate your adventure by considering the option to Rent a Yacht, adding an extra layer of luxury to your coastal exploration.

So, let's set sail from Alimos-Athens and immerse ourselves in the beauty and freedom that the Saronic Gulf has to offer!


Day 1: Alimos-Athens to Agia Marina Aegina

Day 2: Moni Island to Hydra Port

Day 3: Hydra Port to Spetses Port

Day 4: Porto Cheli to Ermioni

Day 5: Ermioni to Poros

Day 6: Poros to Methana (12 nm)

Day 1: Alimos-Athens to Agia Marina Aegina

Our adventure commences in the heart of Athens at Alimos-Athens. With the wind at our backs, we'll gracefully cruise 14 nautical miles to the captivating Agia Marina Aegina. Imagine the allure of turquoise waters, a gentle warm breeze, and the anticipation of thrilling adventures as we drop anchor in this coastal haven.

Elevate your maritime experience by exploring the option to Rent a Yacht, adding an extra layer of luxury and freedom to your coastal exploration. Picture yourself aboard, sailing from Alimos-Athens to Agia Marina Aegina, and let the promise of this extraordinary journey unfold.

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Day 2: Moni Island to Hydra Port

On Day 2, our sailing adventure takes us from Moni Island to Hydra Port, covering a distance of 25 nautical miles. Imagine lush greenery, secret coves, and untouched beaches as we sail through these picturesque waters.

After soaking in the beauty of Moni Island, our course is set for Hydra Port—a charming harbor with a rich maritime history. Get ready for 25 nautical miles of sheer bliss! For an extra touch of luxury and freedom, consider the option to rent a yacht in Greece, making your journey even more unforgettable.

Picture yourself on the open sea, embracing the simplicity and joy of sailing from Moni Island to the enchanting Hydra Port.

Day 3: Hydra Port to Spetses Port

On Day 3, it's time to hoist the sails and embark on a 16 nautical miles journey from Hydra Port to Spetses Port. Picture the wind filling the sails as we set a course for the captivating Spetses, just 16 nautical miles away. Spetses invites us with its rich naval heritage and lively nightlife.

Wander through the charming Dapia district and make sure to visit the iconic Poseidonion Grand Hotel—Spetses has delightful surprises around every corner. For an added touch of luxury and freedom, explore the option to Rent a Yacht, enhancing your sailing experience in these enchanting waters.

Imagine yourself sailing from Hydra Port to Spetses Port, and let the allure of this maritime journey unfold.

Day 4: Porto Cheli to Ermioni

On Day 4, our next stop is the hidden gem of Porto Cheli. A quick and enjoyable 14 nautical miles sail brings us to this coastal haven, where secluded beaches and crystal-clear coves await.

Dive into the inviting waters for a refreshing dip, unwind on the shores, and absorb the tranquility of this coastal retreat. Elevate your coastal escapade with the option to rent a yacht in Greece, offering you the luxury of exploring these pristine waters with ease and style.

Imagine sailing from Porto Cheli, experiencing the simplicity and joy of a coastal retreat, and consider adding a yacht rental to make it an even more memorable journey.

Day 5: Ermioni to Poros

Our journey sails on with a delightful 21 nautical miles from Ermioni to Poros. This charming town welcomes us to wander through its narrow streets, dine in seaside tavernas, and soak up the local culture.

Poros stands as a true gem, eagerly awaiting exploration. For an added touch of luxury and freedom, consider the option to Luxury Charter Yacht. Imagine navigating from Ermioni to Poros, immersing yourself in the simplicity and joy of a coastal town, and contemplate the enhanced experience a yacht rental can bring.

Day 6: Poros to Methana (12 nm)

Our final stretch takes us to Methana, a volcanic wonderland covering a breezy 12 nautical miles. Known for its therapeutic sulfurous springs, rejuvenating baths, and unique volcanic landscape, Methana is a perfect blend of natural beauty and indulgent relaxation. Consider adding an extra layer of luxury and freedom to your exploration by exploring the option to Luxury Charter Yacht. Visualize sailing from Poros to Methana, discovering hidden geothermal gems and secluded spots accessible only by sea. Let the simplicity and joy of a coastal adventure unfold with the added delight of a yacht rental.

There you have it – a whirlwind 6-day sailing adventure in the captivating Saronic Gulf. From historic ports to hidden gems, each day promises a new discovery. So, set sail, embrace the sea breeze, and let the Saronic Gulf weave its magic around you! Fair winds and following seas, fellow adventurers! Consider renting a yacht in Greece for an extra touch of maritime luxury and freedom.

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